Ongs call for more effective action against whaling

18 01 2010


In order to strengthen actions against the killing of whales in Antarctica, some 31 organizations of the house Brazilian civil sent an open letter to the diplomat Fábio Vaz Pitaluga, Representative of Brazil to the International Whaling Commission, IWC.

In 1994, the region was considered the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary, the hunters still managed to evade the authorities under the pretext of “scientific research”. The man most responsible for the hunting of whales is Japan and despite being constantly condemned by most countries of the IWC, not terminating the activities.


Whales and dolphins in São Paulo

15 10 2009

Sighting dolphins and whales, live with caiçara communities and experience the rich marine life off the coast of São Paulo (Brazil) are some of the attractions for those who venture into the scripts of the dive.

In a joint initiative between fishermen, dive associations and the State Department of Environment, have been mapped about 80 points – divided into eight routes – where you can perform the activity. The project goal is to make the people know the marine life and go to save it.

Located in areas of environmental preservation, the scripts include islands in the region of Ubatuba, Ilhabela, São Sebastião, Santos and Itanhaém. In all of them, you can find companies dive operators.

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Whale Watching in Santa Catarina, Brazil

30 06 2009


Whale watching season in the state of Santa Catarina goes from July to November. That’s when southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) leave Antarctic waters, where they spent the summer, to mate, give birth and nurse their young off the coast of this southern Brazil state. Sightings reach a peak between the second half of August and the first half of October.

The Santa Catarina coast has traversed a redeeming historical path from whaling hub to preservation model. The carcass of the last southern right whale killed in the area was brought to the shores of Imbituba in 1973. When whale hunting in Brazil was finally forbidden in 1987, there were no more whales in the area.

Thanks to environmentalist efforts, southern right whale population has been growing steadily. The old whaling station on Praia do Porto, Imbituba, was converted into the Whale Museum.

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