Bonito is one of the city members of the Experience Tour

9 11 2009

Bonito_Rio da Prata

Known for its natural beauty, the city of Bonito (MS) is among the destinations covered by the project Experience Economy Ministry of Tourism (Ministry of Tourism).

The goal is to train local entrepreneurs to add value to their businesses by offering different activities that arouse emotion, pleasure, inspiration and satisfaction of tourists in a real Tour Experience – the brand of the proposed project.

In Bonito (MS), the project developed two scripts in partnership with local entrepreneurs. The script Persons and Flavors of Nice offers a full encounter with nature and its magic through activities such as diving, floating, rappelling, cave, waterfalls and boat rides.

Furthermore, the Mimosa Resort Ecotourism, tourists will be welcomed in an atmosphere tempered by the taste of cookies and cakes made of typical wood stove. Visitors will also delight in the clear waters of the Rio Mimoso and waterfall Sinhozinho.

And, how about learning to embroider? This is one of the proposed activities. Here the tourist while learning to embroider, interacts with the girls group Crafts Beautiful Handmade and hear their stories of life.

In the Roadmap Inspiration and Expiration, also formatted by the project, tourists can relax in a theme suite and be lulled by the songs and charms of nature. Or, be based on local legends and the influence of Indian culture kadiwéu bonitense. The tour of the rum Taboa, local produce, and crafts made of recyclable products are also an attraction of the script.

The Experience Economy is developed by the Ministry of Tourism in partnership with the Sebrae and managed by the Institute Brand Brazil (IMB).

Photo: Andre Seale

Source: Mtur