New tour in Recanto Ecological Rio da Prata reveals the beauty and mystery of the world submerged

14 08 2008


Opened three months ago, the new tour of the Rio da Prata Recanto Ecological surprises and reveals the beauty of the waters of the River Plate in Jardim-MS, Brazil.

For tourists who pass through the city of Bonito and Jardim, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, the tourist attraction Recanto Ecological Rio da Prata now offers the option of diving with cylinder, made with instructors trained and in classes of no more than two people, by instructor.

The new tour is the result of a partnership between the operator of diving of Bonito-MS Caiman Escuba Dive and  Recanto Ecological  Rio da Prata. Unlike many outings in this mode, to get lost in Rio da Prata is not necessary to take place, any person above 10 years of age, or not being experienced in the area of diving, you can do the tour, which is guided by a professional certificate internationally.

The diving instructor, and the tour guide Rudimar Guerini, who works for 10 years with tourism and 8 with diving, and also is one of the owners of   Caiman Escuba Dive operator, many people have little information on diving and believe that not everyone can do: “There is work to change this idea, this is the key point that we are developing”. He reveals that the carrier, supporting the team from River Plate, is doing a job for more information on the modality. There are three stages involving visits to agencies and local tourism operators of explaining about the new tour, visit the technical tour and supply of materials and mini consultants to give continuity to the information.

The trainer says that the tour is still new and has only the month of July 2008 as the reference number of demand by tourists, but adds: “The best time for diving in Silver is that we are going, when the rains fall and the river becomes more crystalline. ” The work on publicity and information that is being done warrants the increase in visitation for the coming seasons: “Certainly the demand will increase, and I think up to double the number compared to July of this year,” complete Rudimar.

The trip takes approximately 40 minutes in duration. The route is 600 meters with depths of up to 7 meters. The visibility reaches 10 to 25 meters and the water temperature varies from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

More information via the website: / diving