Nautical tourism gaining ground in the Brazilian coast

8 03 2010

Recently, Piauí coast also joined the route of Nautical Tourism world due to its favorable conditions for navigation. The area is considered a strategic point on the route of the major international competitions.

With support from the Ministry of Tourism (Ministry of Tourism), the municipality of Luis Correia won the Rally of Sun Island, French regatta with more than 20 sailing boats for seven months, covers many countries.

This year, the state entered the route and received more than 80 sailors. In addition to Luis Correia, the stakes in Brazilian soil also take place in Salvador, João Pessoa, Fernando de Noronha and Fortaleza. Now, the boats head out to Marajó and then Bethlehem of Belém, the boats go up the Amazon to Alter do Chão and then, then conclude the tour in French Guiana.