Lagoon Misteriosa will be reopened

23 07 2009

Lagoa Misteriosa03

After three years if the appropriate governmental requirements, the Lagoon Misteriosa in Garden in the region of Bonito (MS) is to be reopened soon. In August, the owners come with application for environmental licensing to Imasul (Institute of Environment of Mato Grosso do Sul) and from there, expect the endorsement of the body.

Famous by the blue of its water and the visibility of 40 m, the lake will return to the area an open space for diving with cylinder. “Now, this method can be practiced in caves,” explains the director of tourism of Bonito, Clayton Gomes. On site, the limestone walls reflect the sunlight and water takes advantage on the rivers.

Lagoa Misteriosa02

“It is very transparent. From the inside, you still can see the canopy of trees,” says Regina Bonomini, which 16 years working as tourist guide in the region and celebrates the reopening of the Lake, known also by the depth.

The name comes from there. Why not have the funds available, was named Misteriosa. “The person who fell to the bottom was the most diver Gilberto de Menezes in 1998,” says Luiza Coelho, director of sustainability of the company that manages the site. Until today, nobody knows what is behind the 220 m he reached.

Lagoa Misteriosa01

For the public, the exploration of alternatives will start with the basics, the fluctuation. Snorkel and feet of ducks are the first choice for tourists know the place. The attraction is not the fish – there are only three species – but the aquatic plants, macrophytes and bryophytes, which seem to dance on the walls.

The diving sessions will be divided by levels of training of participants. From 21 m, for example, the instruction is required for diving in caves. The deepest will walk up to 60 m and professional mailings must be negotiated with the administration of the site, it says do not want to dive at high risk.

Photos: Marcelo Krauser

Source: Terra Turismo