Karol Meyer Becomes a Guinness World Record Holder

28 01 2010

Brazilian world champion freediver Karol Meyer became a Guinness World Record holder with an amazing apnea dive of 18 minutes and 32 seconds, reaching 100m (238 ft) deep off the Caribbean island of Bonaire; and achieving the third best performance in the world on varible weight discipline at 93m (305 ft), at host and sponsor Buddy Dive Resort.

“My team was built by PADI technical divers, who gave me the confidence to go deep!,” said Meyer. “Because safety is one of the most important factors to do a performance like this. I was also luck to have Patrick Musimu as my coach.”

Meyer is a legend in the sport of freediving and became famous when she broke five world records, two continental records, and more than 30 South American records in various depth disciplines. She spends most of her time working with the oceanic preservation group, Brazilian Islands Society, and other entities to protect the whales. She is also speaker and contributes toward fund-raising for needy communities, public schools, protection against child labour programmes, and for children who live in front of the sea and have parents whose income depends directly on the sea.

Source: Scuba Diving