Orca is found in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

11 03 2010


She was seen on 02 March, the Reserve Beach in Rio de Janeiro a whale that was swimming toward the Barra da Tijuca.

Marine biologist Marcelo Szpilman, the Institute Aqualung, seeing the pictures said it is a killer and not a whale as he said the original text of this report.

According to him, not the usual appearance of this species in Brazilian waters, but other whales, which are the same family of dolphins have been seen before.


Acquamania terminating the activities this summer

6 03 2010


The crazy about water and fun in the midst of slides and pools made good use of the summer season of 2010 in the aquapark Acquamania annexed to the Panorama Hotel in Foz do Iguaçu, PR – Brazil.

The site goes out of business this Monday, March 08 and returns to action on October 12. The park has eight slides from 6 to 22 feet, seven swimming pools, children’s entertainment space with dolphins, waterfalls and giant frogs. All this in an area of 20,000 m².

In addition to all the attractions of the site, customers can still enjoy the ride to visit one of the biggest attractions in the world, which is close to the park, the Iguazu Falls.


Sea and history of Pernambuco

12 02 2010

Going through some of the main points of Pernambuco, in Recife, Olinda, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Ipojuca and the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, the Route of History and the Sea traces the origins of the people of Pernambuco.

Olinda, first capital of Pernambuco, has a unique charm. During the carnival, the slopes of the city are packed with revelers dancing to the sound of Frevo, the traditional rhythms of Pernambuco. In the remainder of the year, Olinda offers secular churches, historic houses, gastronomy, art and everything expected of a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The south of the metropolitan area, the beaches of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, as Suape Calhetas and Coral Bay offer beautiful landscapes. In Ipojuca is Porto de Galinhas, the most famous beaches in Brazil. The beach, which was elected seven times as the most beautiful country, has around places like Wall Alto, Cupe and Maracaípe. Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago located 545km from the capital of Pernambuco, no comments. The Emerald of the Atlantic is one of the most visited by Brazilians and foreigners. The boat trip along the beaches, often accompanied by dolphins, he wrote in the heart of the visitor unforgettable memories.

Source: Ipernambuco

Whales and dolphins in São Paulo

15 10 2009

Sighting dolphins and whales, live with caiçara communities and experience the rich marine life off the coast of São Paulo (Brazil) are some of the attractions for those who venture into the scripts of the dive.

In a joint initiative between fishermen, dive associations and the State Department of Environment, have been mapped about 80 points – divided into eight routes – where you can perform the activity. The project goal is to make the people know the marine life and go to save it.

Located in areas of environmental preservation, the scripts include islands in the region of Ubatuba, Ilhabela, São Sebastião, Santos and Itanhaém. In all of them, you can find companies dive operators.

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