Humpback whales migrate to the coast of Bahia

9 06 2010


At the beginning of June humpback whales begin their long journey from the icy waters of the Southern Ocean to the warm waters of Bahia. This journey of more than 4000 km, which lasts months, is the pursuit of whales through the waters are more conducive to reproduction. With a gestation between 11 and 12 months, the cubs were conceived at last year’s migration will be born now. These huge mammalian grow to 16 meters and weigh up to 40 tons. Even a newborn cub already weighs about two tons and consumes an average 100 liters of milk per day.

During his stay on the coast of Bahia is possible to observe these giant animals. Some companies make specialized outputs for offshore boat looking for them. It is the whale watching tourism. Taking a lot of care not to interfere with the behavior of whales is possible to approximate, and see up close some of the habits of the humpback.