Spinner Dolphin in Fernando de Noronha

20 10 2009

The spinner dolphin is an animal that wins the sympathy of human beings because of their intelligence. Running out of water jumps and beautiful when they are present in flock her show to those lucky enough to catch sight of them.

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha (PE-Brazil) is one of the main habitats of animals, so that the island is the Spinner Dolphin Project whose goals are:

-Educate the community Noronhense for environmental preservation, creating environmental multipliers among future tourism service providers;
-Empower teens to work with ecotourism;
-Provide subsidies for the development of a sustainable society in Fernando de Noronha;
-Improve the quality of tourism services in the region;
-To study the natural history of dolphins in Fernando de Noronha;
-To study the interaction with dolphins nautical tourism;
-Propose standards for the preservation of spinner dolphins to the competent authorities;
-Propose and participate in actions aimed at conservation of Fernando de Noronha.

The Belvedere Dolphin is the perfect place to spot the animals. The route is a trail of 1 km from the parking lot of the Bay of Sancho. The continuation of the trail Dolphin Bay Sancho, allows the observation of nesting seabirds on the slopes of the bays.

If you are planning to go to Fernando de Noronha, make sure you know the project. For more information contact by e-mail: rotador@golfinhorotador.org.br