Diving in Abrolhos in July

25 06 2010

The diving school is Dive Captain with open positions for interessaddos in the destination diving Abrolhos, Bahia – Brazil. Besides housing several species of seabirds and to receive the visit of the Humpback whales from July, Abrolhos coral formation presents a unique world called “chapeirão.

The output for the Live will be on 09 deals with return on July 11 (Friday to Sunday).

More information: falecom@captaindive.com.br

Diving in Abrolhos is a new script for the Freeway

10 06 2010

Freeway Diving, diving division of the Freeway, launches in July the script Abrolhos Live the Board. Located in the middle of the Atlantic coast in the south of Bahia, the roadmap offers tourists a spectacular setting on five beautiful islands that make up the archipelago of Abrolhos.

The islands give life to this destination: Santa Barbara Island, Siriba Island, Round Island, Island and Island Southeast Guarita. This group of islands belongs to the National Marine Park Abrolhos. In addition to the Live Board package Abrolhos, Freeway Diving throws another unforgettable roadmap, Whale Coast.

The script Abrolhos Live the Board offers six days of leisure in the territory of Bahia. The dive in the archipelago is considered one of the best in Brazil. There are found large coral reefs and beautiful sea turtles.

Humpback whales migrate to the coast of Bahia

9 06 2010


At the beginning of June humpback whales begin their long journey from the icy waters of the Southern Ocean to the warm waters of Bahia. This journey of more than 4000 km, which lasts months, is the pursuit of whales through the waters are more conducive to reproduction. With a gestation between 11 and 12 months, the cubs were conceived at last year’s migration will be born now. These huge mammalian grow to 16 meters and weigh up to 40 tons. Even a newborn cub already weighs about two tons and consumes an average 100 liters of milk per day.

During his stay on the coast of Bahia is possible to observe these giant animals. Some companies make specialized outputs for offshore boat looking for them. It is the whale watching tourism. Taking a lot of care not to interfere with the behavior of whales is possible to approximate, and see up close some of the habits of the humpback.

Latin America Top 10

30 06 2009

Brazil enters twice on examiner.com’s list of the top ten sights in Latin America, read about the winning spots below or read the full article here.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Brazil is one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations with Rio de Janeiro being the most visited city. Synonymous with Carnival, many guests don’t understand all this city has to offer. The city is packed with sites and activities for visitors to enjoy and one could easily spend an entire trip here. The obvious stops include Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, and the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Visitors can also enjoy historical neighborhoods, amazing cuisine, a strong dance and music culture, and much more hidden beneath the obvious.

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
For those seeking a less crowded and more authentic trip, Salvador da Bahia is a popular city. Once the capital of Brazil the historical city on the northeast coast was the main port for the slave trade and has a strong African heritage that is visible to this day. The beaches, cuisine, music, and amazing colors offer visitors a relaxing and culturally stimulating vacation. The city is also a great place to experience a less commercialized Carnival than Rio.

Source: examiner.com