Divers visit the Lagoa Misteriosa

24 07 2016

Lagoa Misteriosa received a group of divers from Scuba Point on July 5th.

Besides scuba diving, they also went snorkeling in the attraction, located in Jardim (MS).

The trip was set by Ricardo Lalo Meurer, an experienced scuba diver. He visited with his wife and kids. Check out what he said about the Lagoa Misteriosa:

“I have visited the region for over 20 years and I’ve been scuba diving at the Lagoa Misteriosa for a while. We decided to come back, this time with my family. My oldest son has been here before, but this was the first time for my youngest, Lucas. The structure of this attraction is incredible and we had a blast!”

Scuba Divers set up bedroom at the bottom of the sea

24 07 2016

Two scuba divers decided to set up a bedroom on the seabed.They took pillows, bedcovers, lampshades, clocks and even cuddly toys down to the seabed in the coast of Turkey.

“We humans are only visitors here, but for many animals this is their home. I wanted to underline that we should treat this with respect and do more to protect the sea”, says Serap Metinturk, a professional diver.

His pal, Mehmet Bat, an outdoor sports guide joined him and lay down and watched the fish passing by.

Serap and Bat went to bed together with the fishes, while a third diver recorded them with an underwater camera.

Info: The Mirror UK

Divers find 45 wrecks on a Greek archipelago

24 07 2016

A dive-team found 45 lost shipwrecks on a small Greek archipelago called Fourni, located between the islands of Samos and Ikaria in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The 2016 Fourni Underwater Survey, which took place between 8 June and 2 July, was a collaboration between Greece’s Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, which provided eight scuba-divers led by Dr George Koutsouflakis, and US organisation RPM Nautical Foundation, with a team led by archaeologist Peter Campbell.

The group found 23 shipwrecks range from Antiquity to the early 19th century, but many are from a flourishing period of trade between the 3rd and 7th centuries AD. Fourni has now been declared the richest wreck location in Greece and one of the richest in the Mediterranean.

They also found pottery and anchors – two ancient examples proving to be the largest of their kind yet found in the Aegean.

Project aims to ocean conservation

24 07 2016

The Sea Change project has a new campaign to encourage the conservation of the oceans.

The Our Ocean, Our Health aims at raising awareness of the interconnections between humans and the ocean.

The project is an EU-funded research and innovation programme to protect the ocean, “which provides oxygen, regulates climate and produces more than 140 million tons of food a year”.

The project is being coordinated by the Marine Biological Association.

Click here and check out more info about the project.

Diving in Baa Atoll, Maldives

30 06 2016

In the area of luxury resorts, Baa Atoll is also a paradise for divers. This place is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives.

Baa Atoll is filled with sightings of whale sharks, hawksbill and green turtles, and, honeycomb moray eel also likely.

This atoll is also scenery for different documentaries exhibited on TV, such as a BBC Natural World Special, ITV’s Man to Manta, and Channel 4’s Big Fish Fight.

Baa Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives. It consists of three separate natural atolls, namely southern Maalhosmadulu Atoll and the smaller natural atoll known as Goifulhafehendhu Atoll.


Diving in Arraial do Cabo

30 06 2016

Arraial do Cabo, a small city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, offers many attractions for the visitors.

There you can find beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and some of the best diving in Brazil.

And don’t worry that much about the money, because both accommodation and eating out are pretty affordable.

See some of the best places for diving in Arraial:

Saco do Cherne

Ilha dos Porcos – Inside

Ilha dos Porcos – Outside

Saco do Cardeiro


Gruta Azul

Saco dos Ingleses


Dona Paula


Info: Brazil Diving Guide

Diving in Búzios

30 06 2016

Considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Buzios is a filled with magic and natural beauties. Originally it was a fishing village that now became a hot spot for nightlife and beach time.

Throughout the Região dos Lagos, an upswelling brings in many nutrients and the marine life is thankful. See the perfect spots for diving in Buzios:


Ilha Branca

Praia de João Fernandinho

Parcel de João Fernando

Ilha da Âncora

Ilha de Gravatas


Praia da Ferradurinha

Inácio da Costa


Info: Brazil Diving Guide

Diving in Maragogi

30 06 2016

Maragogi is located in the state of Alagoas and it is the second most visited tourist destination after Maceio, the state capitol. If you like scuba diving or snorkeling this is the perfect place for you, for its never ending reefs.

Check out some attractions:

Galés: Extraordinary pools formed by reef located 3 kilometers from the coast. Snorkeling is the great attraction, but the site is also used by scuba diving schools for discovery scuba and check-out dives. Branchy coral and a variety of tropical fish create an attractive and safe environment for beginners.

Trafalgar: This Dutch ship that sank in the eighteenth century is completely broken up. But it is still possible to see the masts and a large anchor. Much of the wreckage is located in a shallow water, on top of the reefs. Visibility is less than 10 meters, but there is a lot of marine life at the site, including many sea cucumbers. The constant ocean swell makes diving somewhat difficult.

Info: Brazil Diving Guide

Diving in Sepultura, Santa Catarina

30 05 2016

Praia da Sepultura is a small beach with 95 meters long, perfect for snorkeling due to its clear water and sea with no waves.

For those who appreciate the sight of marine life, it has many species of different and colorful fish. It is indicated for all divers.

Since it is a small beach, it is necessary to arrive early in the morning to find a place to sit in the sand.

There are many daily tours for snorkeling and diving in this island, such as Pata da Cobra Adventures. Check out the best options and don’t miss this amazing diving site.

Diving in Montão do Trigo, São Paulo

30 05 2016

An island about 40 minutes by boat from the coast of São Sebastião, Montão do Trigo is the ideal site for those who look for fun and rich marine life.

Check out the best spots for diving in Montão do Trigo:

Ponta Sul: Large rocks make dens, chambers and tunnels where a huge array of fish and invertebrates seek shelter. Shoals of rock beauties, king angelfish and French angelfish are often seen, and there are plentiful seahorses, octopuses and groupers.
Ponta Negra: Large rocks make passages and mazes of up to 18 meters in depth. From that point on the seabed is flat and sandy, There are schools of sole and other benthic fish on the sand. Among the rocks there will be groupers, lobsters and morays.
Portinho: Right in front of a small harbor. Shallow and therefore ideal for discovery scuba and snorkeling.

Info: Brazil Diving Guide