Diving in Montão do Trigo, São Paulo

30 05 2016

An island about 40 minutes by boat from the coast of São Sebastião, Montão do Trigo is the ideal site for those who look for fun and rich marine life.

Check out the best spots for diving in Montão do Trigo:

Ponta Sul: Large rocks make dens, chambers and tunnels where a huge array of fish and invertebrates seek shelter. Shoals of rock beauties, king angelfish and French angelfish are often seen, and there are plentiful seahorses, octopuses and groupers.
Ponta Negra: Large rocks make passages and mazes of up to 18 meters in depth. From that point on the seabed is flat and sandy, There are schools of sole and other benthic fish on the sand. Among the rocks there will be groupers, lobsters and morays.
Portinho: Right in front of a small harbor. Shallow and therefore ideal for discovery scuba and snorkeling.

Info: Brazil Diving Guide




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