Diving in Abrolhos

28 02 2016

A paradise of clear waters in Brazil. This is what you find in Abrolhos, an archipelago in the coast of Bahia made of five islands. The islands of Redonda, Siriba, Sueste and Guarita make up the National Marine Park.

Only there you can see the chapeirões, the name given to mushroom corals that form a labyrinth. Abrolhos is a great spot for scuba diving because of its good visibility up to 20 feet deep and warm water.

Prepare yourself to see humpback whales from July to November and rich marine life. Alsou can find four shipwrecks like the Italian freighter Rosalinda, more than 90 meters, which sank in 1939. As the state of preservation is good, you can dive among its galleries.

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What to do when a current drags you when scuba diving

28 02 2016

The Brazilian TV show Fantastico asked the viewers what is the best decision to make when an ocean current drags you during scuba diving and you have no more oxygen left in you compressed air cylinder. The options to choose from were: a) follow the fish, b) swim for the open sea or c) swim with the current.

Most of the people answered option A. It is the wrong one because our biological system is not the same as the fish and we cannot handle what they can.

If you want to survive, the correct answer is option B. Why: when you get away from the barrier reef and swim, your body will naturally put itself in an angle of 45º leading you towards the surface. Stop on the last 4.5 meters before reaching the surface because of the pressure.

What to eat before and after diving

28 02 2016

Nutrition is an import matter when we talk about diving. To improve performance it is necessary to maintain a healthy a balanced diet.

Check out a list of kinds of foods recommended for divers before and after practicing this activity.

Example of foods recommended before diving: Vegetables, nuts, beans, plain yogurt, Multigrain, whole-wheat, or rye bread; whole-wheat pasta; sweet potatoes.

Example of foods recommended after diving: Pasta and rice (ideally in a salad or low-fat sauce); potatoes; fresh fruit; white bread or bagels.

Also, don’t forget to drink water to maintain your body hydrated.

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Diving spots in Brazil: Banco da Panela

28 02 2016

One of the best spots for diving in Brazil is Banco da Panela, a site in the state of Bahia, near Salvador.

The spot is ideal for people that want to discover historical wrecks and see rich marine life. Anchors, different types of fish and wood scraps are some of the attractions underwater.

The Banco da Panela is one of the largest archaeological sites in Brazil and for that has been transformed in a protect area by the Navy.

If you appreciate diving in warmer waters and depth, it is the best for you. The depth ranging is from about 6 metres/20 feet to 18 metres/60 feet.