Lagoa dos Ingleses offers diving in MG

21 12 2009

Located 25 km from Belo Horizonte, in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, the artificial lake, originally called the Lake Grand Lake and later the Lagoa dos Ingleses, because the origin of its founders, was established in order to be a dam to store Rainwater used to generate electricity for Mina de Morro Velho. 

With easy access and favorable conditions, through the clubs linked with the pond and water during the dry season provides a visibility of about 6 to 8 meters, each year increasing the demand for diving activity.

Has a neutral background and desert, composed of red earth and also on clay. The average depth varies between 4 and 12 meters – may reach 20 meters in some areas. The temperature varies from 17 to 22 degrees depending on the season.

Displays small flooded forests, where the diver walks between trees covered with slime and algae and small fish by creating a beautiful scenery.

The Lagoa dos Ingleses is a good option for people who have little immediate investment to make the plunge into the high seas.

Source: Deco Stop




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