Diving Guarapari

21 08 2009


Located 60 km from Victoria in Brazil, Guaraparai has a coastline of beautiful bays framed by mountains and a tourist infrastructure of first line. The city has several categories of hotels and restaurants with the most varied culinary styles, from the famous fish stew capixaba to international cuisine.

Guarapari is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Espirito Santo and has a very big focus for activities that have an involvement with nature, sports like sailing, trekking, paragliding, rafting and especially scuba diving.

The region presents a complex that island for their location and variety of ecosystems concentrated flora and fauna representative of the coastal reefs of Espirito Santo.

The position of the islands of Guarapari inserted in a biogeographical transition region, resulting in the presence of a set of species characteristic of tropical and subtropical regions, generating a highly diverse fauna. The proximity of the continental shelf and the phenomenon of upwelling (movement of deep water to shallow regions), support through the replacement of nutrients.


– Best time to dive: The best season for diving is from December to April, however, dive on the islands, reefs and wrecks is possible throughout the year,
– Average temperature (water): 22 º C
– Visibility average: 15 – 25 meters
– Average Depth: 10 – 30 meters
– Level of certification indicated: Basic / Advanced
– Diving board or shore: Embedded
– Average time navigation: 30 – 45 minutes (depending on the point)
– Peculiarities of the dive: The dives made in Guarapaí are ideal for all levels of certification. With a wide variety of points, you can dive on wrecks and reefs and observe a wide variety of marine life.
– Equipment and services available: You can rent equipment locally at the international level.

Source: Freeway

How to be successful at snorkling

14 08 2009


If you are willing to practice snorkling for the first time, there are some basic tips which you should learn in order to succeed at it. You can learn some of these tips through the next paragraphs as well as we recommend you to ask for the advice of an expert before practicing the sport.

The first thing you should do before snorkling is relax. You should not enter into the water nervous or stressed since this would make you loose power and control over your body and your movements. You need to be able to feel good and comfortable in the water in order to be in control of yourself and your body.

Before snorkling you should also practice wearing the equipment while floating in the water. This will allow you to become familiar with it and its weight. You can also practice by floating in a horizontal position, whether it is facing down or up. You should also remember that objects look closer in the water, and it is important that you learn how to recognize the real distance between you and an object while being in the water.

You should also be aware that a wave can bring water into your snorkel or mask and you would need to keep your calm while this happens and you fix it; if you loose control it would only make you loose more oxygen than you should. Therefore, it is also recommendable that you practice how to keep your breath and go up to the surface to clear your snorkel from the water which might enter.

It is also important to learn how to correctly use your fins which might be not as easy as it seems. You should also practice walking with them on the floor or on the boat in order to become familiarized with them. You should also try them into the water in order to learn how to control your movements while wearing them. It is highly recommendable that you practice wearing all your snorkeling equipment while being into the water before you actually practice snorkling.


Source: Diver Pillot