Swimming with Humpback whales in BRAZIL

3 07 2009


The humpback whale emerges out of the crystal blue water, only a couple of meters away from you. You swim in the tropical waters of Brazil. Around you the water is boiling, there are 4 humpback whales around you. They are inquisitive, playful but very careful too. Humpback whales are 15 meter long. There, the big tale shows its beauty for a couple of seconds. With your diving glasses on you can follow them below water.

If we are lucky, we can swim for about 30 minutes with these impressive animals. There are no other ships around us. We know, they will not do us any harm. But nevertheless, they are so huge !

The Abrolhos

From July until November hundreds of humpback whales come to this region to give birth and to bring up their young’s. While waiting for the whales, there is plenty to do for the one who wants to explore the area: coral reefs and wrecks we can explore with the diving equipment from the “Sarah”. The fish live is colorful and can be examined while snorkeling. We can see lots of barracudas and turtles. By kayak or surfboard we can explore the area.

The Abrolhos are an island group about 100 miles off the Brazilian coast, surrounded by coral reefs. They are a bird wildlife reserve. We can visit the islands under guidance of the Brazilian rangers and see fregat and other birds breeding. We can get so close, we could touch them. The beautiful and elegant white tropical birds with their 50 cm long tale describe fascinating circles in the shining blue sky.


You will fly to Rio de Janeiro and from there to Vitoria (another 1 hour flight). We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the “Sarah W. Vorwerk”. You choose your cabin (and cabin partner), we explain the boat to you, we will enjoy our first “antarctica” (a Brazilian beer brand) and off we go to explore the beach. This evening we will get to know the brazilian way of life: caipirinha and churrasco! Next morning we will make last shopping and head for the Abrolhoes. The PenReel (fishing line) will be thrown out, hopefully that brings us a nice tuna or barracuda. Always when we are at open sea, we will look for whales.


Talking about the sailing life we believe, that people enjoy more intense when they participate in the daily routine on board the S/Y “Sarah W. Vorwerk”. Sailing itself will not too often be possible, since the climate of the Abrolhos produces only little wind during this season of the year. (The one who wants some sailing too, should take the last trip and join us until Rio, real sailing is guaranteed). This has the great advantage, that watching the whales becomes much easier and better. Also diving is more fun since the water will be clearer. Work on board will be divided, depending who has what kind of preferences. The dinghy needs to be looked after, sails need to be stowed, diving gear to be looked after. But also on the culinary field there are no restrictions. Now and then we will bake our own bread, if somebody loves cooking we are thankful and curious eaters.


The Brazilian diet consists of a wide variety of different influences: Indian, African, Portuguese and Latin American flavors are perfectly mixed and bring foreword the most interesting dishes. Our favorite is the ‘moukeka’ and ‘feijoada’. The latter is the national dish of Brazil. Every Saturday one can order it in a Brazilian restaurant: black beans, rice, meat, sausages, farofa (baked and spiced manioc-flour). ‘Moukeka’ is a specialty from Bahia. Henk is quite a master of the recipe by now. A day without a ‘Caipirinha’ is unthought of  Cachaca with thinly sliced lemons, some ice and a bit of sugar.

Swimming with humpback whales in Brazil. A unique opportunity and totally unexplored.

Source: http://www.sarahvorwerk.com/special_brasil_eng.htm




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