Strange sea creatures: Exhibit shows the first time, fish living in the deepest abysses of the oceans

13 01 2009

Fangtooth – The sharp teeth prevent the closing of the mouth

Rare in the shows, there are giant whale (on top) and fish with antennas to attract their prey

At sea, about ten thousand meters deep below, there are ways of life that are more to ETs than for fish. But they are fish. And most of them emits light. There are transparent squid, giant jellyfish, puppies with about seven meters long. These beings live in extreme conditions in the ocean cliffs, with total absence of light and under tonnes of air pressure in average temperatures of 20 degrees centigrade negative. Last week, a team of german oceanographers of the Museum of Natural History Senckenberg in Frankfurt, worth is one of the most modern submarine in the world to capture some species and bring afloat – those that are considered more rare were shot, designed and faithful assembled in laboratories, as part of a small group that is usually just proliferating even sacrificed. Environmental crime? Evil? No. It is vital show for the first time that human beings in the eyes that had so far only been observed by scientists.

It mounted the exhibition in Frankfurt Tiefsee, offering visitors a virtual tour by the abysmal darkness of the sea, corresponding to nearly 70% of the biosphere of the planet and, paradoxically, one of the least known areas of the globe. The show occupies an area of square meters, divided into two floors, and there are 45 animals and 35 presented models played especially for the event. There aren’t live fish because none of them survives beyond its (to us, inhospitable) habitat. “The bodies can not be brought under the same conditions of high pressure, the sea bed up to an aquarium,” said marine biologist Michael Türkay, director of marine zoology of the Senckenberg Research Institute.

Imagine, for example, a baby of about seven meters long. Well, this is a baby sperm abysses of deep sea – as common a sperm, those who know and who live on the surface of the water, measured in adulthood within three meters long, the baby abysmal, when grows, reaches 18 meters. There are other major attractions in the show: the Atlantic footballfish (Himantolophus albino) has rounded form, elastic body and can swallow other animals that have up to twice its size. Already the Humpback anglerfish  (Melanocetus johnsonii) attracts its prey with false bait, a luminescent boss he swings on the head. The female reaches 18 centimeters, but the male grows up to three centimeters. The Illuminated netdevil (Linophryne arborífera), in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific, have pointed teeth and bodies that shine on the forehead and under the mouth. Another strange creature is Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta), whose teeth descomunais prevent it completely close the mouth – but when the prey bites, poor her. “For a long time the biologists believed that it was impossible to be in great depths marine life,” says Türkay. “Today we know that it exists and we must also be sure that there are other animals ever seen.”

From: Terra




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