Enjoy life submerged

4 12 2008

The island Bonaire, the Caribbean Flemish, reserve unparalleled surprises on the seabed

It would be a sin to say that no beach is worth the Caribbean, but Bonaire is for those who prefer the lives submerged. You do not have the structure of the island fantasy of co-sisters Aruba and Curaçao. The big deal in that piece of the Dutch Caribbean is rent a truck, fill a bucket of cylinders and how many dives endure. Beneath the water, the vision is of the most beautiful in the world.

Bonaire offers traditional dives with instructors and leaving by boat, but the majority of tourists seeking to submerge the island on their own. The west part is a series of points of diving – are about 60, out of the 26 Klein Bonaire, an island sandwiched in Bonaire. Each is marked with a yellow stone on the road. Just pull over the car, equip themselves and dive.

With so many options, it is better to inform the operators about the finer points. Do not be seduced by names like Alice in Wonderland and Something Special. Topping the list, is the beauty of Tolo. Already the sinking Hilma Hooker, a 30 m deep, impresses. The ship sank falling on one of its sides, giving an appearance more phantasmagorical to dive.

Fish and turtles

Feet point in the 18th at the Hotel Plaza Resort Bonaire, may be seen the fishes from the not deep water, and entry is easy. The Oil Slick Leap has access by stairs and beaten in March may interfere a bit, but the effort pays off. In all, the company will not only fish from the aquarium, but the turtle, tarpões huge, and fish-peixescofres trumpets.

The rent for regulator, collect and how many bottles the diver wants to come out about $ 50 per day in Toucan Dive, if the season is short on the island. The price falls in packages of several days. Both the Toucan Dive on the Dive & Adventure, for example, six days of unlimited use of tanks go for $ 120, plus the rest of the equipment. Generally, the carrier makes the bottles by hand and the diver back as often as you like to refuel.

As the points of entry in diving is not always easy, because we must be balanced with the weight of the equipment and the fin, a tip for women: choose the smaller bottles, those normally used by adolescents. The air is enough for a leisurely swim.

O Globo Agency