Karol Meyer in the 2nd Marine Hall of Mercosur

24 11 2008

The divers and world record Karoline (Karol Fish), will be at the end of next week at the 2nd Marine Hall of Mercosur with many novel activities:

Nov 29-day Saturday – Workshop “Breathing and static apnea” with the record

Day Nov 30-Sunday – Training and Tournament of Apnea

– Lecture and images of beautiful historic moment that the athlete became the first diver to accomplish this feat

– “The conquest of the sinking of Ipiranga in Corbeta apnea!”

Contact reservations: novidades@karolmeyer.com

Access to programming through these links:



One unforgettable diving in Mysterious Lake, Bonito/Mato Grosso do Sul/Brazil

12 11 2008

The Mysterious Lake one of the most traditional of diving in the country, the spread of the place in relation to other attractions is the visibility of the water that remains crystalline virtually throughout the year. Moreover, the fact of being a vertical cave allows the divers move at depths greater. In open spaces of diving, as in seas, for example, visibility is not always satisfactory.

The Mysterious Lake is 36km from Jardim and 40 km from Bonito. The forecast for opening for tours is for the second half of 2009.

Watch the video and unforgettable immersion in “Mystery”:

From: www.bonitoweb.com.br

We run that risk …

4 11 2008

The animation is delightful, while disappointing. A discussion on the future of the planet. And the fact that we run that risk!

Video taken from the blog: “Uma Malla pelo Mundo”